RS-12063 THE CLIP Fire Hose Carrying Handle (1 to 4 inches, Pack of 3)

Compact design: THE CLIP easily fits in your pocket or on the belt clip. With its size, it can still accommodate different hose sizes. THE CLIP is easy to use and provides a comfortable fit when wearing heavy gloves.

Universal fit: Compatible with 1 to 4 inches diameter hoses with single or double-wall construction. Equally comfortable to use with fabric and rubber hoses.

Convenience: Secure and comfortable rubber grip protects hands from pressure injuries and minimizes slippage. The rubber grip is made from reinforced PVC tubing to provide years of trouble-free use.

Durability: Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction assures rust-free performance for years to come. THE CLIP is manufactured in the USA from American steel to support American jobs.

Warranty: We are so proud of this product that we offer a lifetime warranty. If it breaks, return it to us for a brand new clip. THE CLIP is easy to use, easy to carry, and easily lifts hoses.

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The RS-12063 THE CLIP is designed to help firefighters secure and carry fire hoses measuring 1 to 4 inches in diameter. THE CLIP is constructed from stainless steel rod, which is impervious to rust or deterioration.  In addition, a rubber handle helps to minimize discomfort while carrying hoses.  THE CLIP is easily inserted into coiled hoses securing the last several turns to provide a safe way to manually: move, load, and transport hoses. THE CLIP has a compact design that offers a good grip for lifting hoses and helps reduce the risk of injury. Minimize the mess and worry with THE CLIP and simplify loading and unloading hoses from a rack.

THE CLIP is easy to use and requires minimal training to become proficient. Just push THE CLIP into a coiled hose and lift the house by the handle. That’s all it takes. Each RS-12063 is robust to withstand years of use and abuse. Built in the USA, this hose clip will provide years of trouble-free service and simplify hose management.

There are many solutions to keep hose organized, including rubber bands, straps, bags, to name a few. None of these solutions are as fast and efficient as THE CLIP. If you need to simplify your hose management, the answer is to have THE CLIPs at your fire station. Sold in quantities of 3: these clips will pay for themselves with improved simplicity, efficiency, and safety.