RS-13003 Electric Hose Roller (1 to 7.5 inches diameter)

Durable construction: The RS-13003 is built with a heavy-duty welded steel frame with a powder-coated construction so it can stand up to any job. Powder-coated steel helps The Rookie withstand years of demanding use.

Portable design: The RS-13003 can be mounted and secured on a Portable Stand (RS-13011), a hitch, bench, stand, or ATV to enable the roller to be transported and deployed at emergency sites anytime. A Hose Carrying Handle (RS-12060) is also included to help users secure and carry fire hoses measuring 1 to 4 inches in diameter.

Versatility: The RS-13003 accommodates hose sizes from 1-inch to 7.25 inches in diameter. The hose support disc is designed with threaded holes. The distance between holes determines the type of hose to use. Two red hose rolling rods support the hose end, and two plastic tubes simplify hose removal after rolling.

Safety: The RS-13003 is equipped with a controller with four switch options: power ON/OFF switch, forward and reverse, run and brake, and speed control. The controller is mounted on the unit’s base to enable easy access and safe operation.

Made in the USA: The Rookie RS-13003 is manufactured in the USA from American steel, with American labor to support American jobs.

Warranty: The Rookie RS-13003 carries an end-to-end replacement or repair warranty for five years. With The Rookie electric roller, we have your back so that you can spend more quality time with your family.

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The RS-13003 electric fire hose roller is designed to help you reduce lower back discomfort and injuries so that you can feel great after workdays.

The RS-13003 is electric-powered and enables operation from a standard AC outlet. It provides firefighters with a motorized hose management solution to roll fire hoses measuring 1 to 7.5 inches in diameter. The RS-13003 is constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated steel resistant to cracking, peeling, chipping, abrasion, rust, and damage from chemical exposure.

The RS-13003 is equipped with a speed controller that adjusts hose rolling speed and provides power ON/OFF, forward and reverse, run and brake control options. It is built with a support roller that assists with the roll-up and hose de-watering. A foot-control pedal enables an operator to safely start and stop the hose roller.

The RS-13003 comes fully assembled and ready to roll fire hoses. The RS-13003 can be hitch-mounted, bench mounted, or ATV mounted, making it easy for transport and deployment at emergency sites. A Portable Stand (RS-13011) with transportation wheels is also recommended for stand-alone operation.

The RS-13003 hose roller is built in the USA and has a 5-year unconditional warranty. The Rookie electric hose roller will provide years of trouble-free operation and simplify hose management to reduce lower back discomfort and injuries.