RS-13012 Portable Stand with ReLoader Assembly

Durable construction: The RS-13012 is built with a heavy-duty welded steel frame with a powder-coated construction to stand up to any job. Powder-coated steel and flat-free tires help sustain years of trouble-free use.

Portable design: The RS-13012 includes two components, the RS-13011 portable stand, and the RS-13013 ReLoader. The RS-13013 is mounted on the RS-13011 portable stand for easy transport, re-decking, and flaking of fire hoses anywhere. The RS-13011 is equipped with flat-free tires and a maneuvering handle that makes it easy and safe to transport and use with The Rookie ReLoader (RS-13013).

Convenience: The RS-13011 securely supports The Rookie RS-13013 ReLoader. Thanks to its portable design, it can safely and securely transport the ReLoader anywhere.

Versatility: The RS-13013 ReLoader in the RS-13012 assembly is 13 inches wide and can accommodate hoses from 1-inch to 7.5-inches. It is has a built-in adjustable hose support divider that accommodates different hose diameters.

Safety: The RS-13011’s front wheels are built with brakes that are easy to use.

Made in the USA: The Rookie RS-13012 is manufactured in the USA from American steel, with American labor to support American jobs.

Warranty: The Rookie RS-13012 carries an end-to-end replacement or repair warranty for five years. With The Rookie portable stand with ReLoader assembly, we have your back so that you can spend more quality time with your family.

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The RS-13012 portable stand with ReLoader assembly is designed to minimize fatigue and discomfort and reduce injuries when rolling fire hoses so that you can enjoy your time after work. The RS-13012 includes two components, the RS-13011 portable stand and the RS-13013 ReLoader, and is used to transport, and re-deck fire hoses after hose rolling is completed.

The RS-13011 portable stand is an assembly kit with all the main parts that you need to put it together. It includes tools that enable you to assemble the stand components without additional tools. The main parts of the RS-13011 include four flat-free wheels, left and right side plates, front and back plates, a handle for moving the stand, and two sets of axles for the front and rear wheels.

The RS-13013 fire hose ReLoader cradle is an assembly kit with all the parts needed to put it together. It includes tools to assemble the stand components. The main parts of the RS-13013 include left and right side panels, front and back panels, an adjustable divider plate that accommodates different hose diameters, two support rods and a panel, and six conveyor rollers.

The Rookie RS-13012 portable stand with ReLoader assembly is built in the USA and has a 5-year unconditional warranty. The RS-13012 will provide years of trouble-free operation, simplify hose management, save time and labor, and reduce lower back discomfort and injuries.