RS-12090 Hose Coupler Protection Skid

Lightweight design: The RS-12090 is made of inert Delrin plastic and withstands abuse and high temperatures.

Universal fit: The RS-12090 is compatible with any diameter hose with couplers from 1-inch to 7.5-inches.

Convenience: Thanks to its lightweight design, the RS-12090 can be transported anywhere, especially at emergency sites.

Durability: The lightweight RS-12090 is manufactured using American plastic, American labor, and American jobs in the USA.

Warranty: We are so proud of this product that we offer a lifetime warranty. Return it to us for repair or a brand new protection skid if it breaks.

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The RS-12090 hose coupler protection skid is designed to protect fire hose couplings from damage during rolling operation so they can last longer.

The RS-12090 has two rubber bands that securely attach the skid to the hose coupler. It is easy to use and requires minimal training to become proficient. The RS-12090 skid is recommended when a hose is rolled on a hard surface like asphalt or concrete. With a protection skid attached to the coupler, the hose can be safely rolled without any damage to the coupler.

Fire hose couplers are essential components of fire fighting equipment. They enhance the readiness of use and need to be protected from damage. The couplers connect the fire hoses with another hose, machinery, or appliance for seamless and reliable operation of fire fighting equipment. The RS-12090 protection skid eliminates coupler damage and assures fire hose performance. Each RS-12090 is designed to withstand years of use and abuse. Built in the USA, this protection skid will provide years of trouble-free service and protection for your fire hoses couplers.

The RS-12090 is included with the RS-13003 Electric Hose Roller.